What is Timeshare Software?

Timeshare Software is Magna Timeshare Software, all other systems are database systems that have copied what Magna created. Magna Timeshare Software started in 1983, only one other company has been around that long BUT the founder is no longer involved and the current company has turned it into a citrus fruit slightly sweeter than a lemon. Ask your software provider how old they were in 1983.

Timeshare refers to a type of shared property ownership. In a timeshare, there are several owners, each of whom has rights to a property, which can be configured in a many ways. Sometimes it is really a club type of operation. Timeshare ownership is popular for recreation, resort, and vacation club properties. Timeshare software is software specifically designed to aid in and streamline the entire group of enterprises involved in timeshare properties.

Timeshare software has some unique facets. Unlike whole-owner management, timeshare software has to account for the ownership of each unit by possibly 104 (biennial) people and changeover of residency, like a hotel, with check-ins and check-outs, and housekeeping in between. Also, because timeshare projects are created on different models, timeshare software is generally created to handle a variety of different ownership concept, including contracts, eight-share, fixed week, float week, point-based, and quarter-share, as well as arrangements that are annual or biennial, and right-to-use or split-use weeks. Certain timeshare software can combine multiple types of timeshare along with whole ownership and/or hotel room rental.

Often the work timeshare software refers to software written for anything that walks or talks like timeshare, such as fractional, vacation clubs etc. Usually timeshare software is used for operations where people are marketed to come to a presentation, they often get gifts or premiums for those presentations, a sales rep tours or talks to them about the product being sold, a manager takes over to make the final sale, paperwork is printed, commissions are paid, marketing commissions are paid, deals are financed and the occupancy of a resort condo is given in exchange for the above activities to the purchaser.

Timeshare software is not useful unless it is divided into modules by the departments that may be involved in a timeshare enterprise. In this case, one may find separate timeshare software modules for marketing, sales, management, and finance. The marketing module might contain subcategories such as managing leads and fulfillment, tours, and inventory. In the sales module, one might find tracking abilities, document templates for contracts, loan notes, statements, and emails, as well as storage ability for documents. Sales campaigns and ongoing contact with newsletters may also be part of the package.

The management segment is likely to have a reservations system and history. Also important is a property management section for keeping track of check-in and check-out, maintenance, and housekeeping, as well as rental agreements. In the finance module, one may find details of the mortgages, maintenance fees, and collections.

Integration between different modules within the timeshare group is essential, but some software provides external integration as well. For timeshare projects that are integrated with tours, timeshare software packages may offer integration with the tour vendor for ease of booking. Contracts and commissions can be automatically generated.

Some software requires arduous installation on-site of software, a few are only web based or “ASP” model, the best is one that allows either server on-site or web or “ASP” or subscription basis