Timeshare Sales Transparency

I have recently completed a survey from Perspective Magazine and read their article on timeshare sales transparency, AKA, tell the prices up front, here http://perspectivemagazine.com/blog/2010/06/05/timeshare-sales-transparency/

My response is:
The aspect of honesty and integrity might be more appealing to approach and reform than the publication of pricing upfront. Even the used and new car industry tries to claim this “transparency” yet, we all know we can haggle over prices on almost every car lot. Or go on Ebay!

The only thing that has changed in the car sales industry is that only some places say, the price is the price.

With resales of timeshare on ebay and classified ads and resale companies, advertising your MUCH HIGHER price is certain marketing death.

There is a discussion on LinkedIN that is interesting.

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