Magna Computer Corp new Reputation Management Services

Vacation Club Websites automated.

Manga Computer Corp and Magna VEGA have teamed up to provide platform to support the burgeoning Vacation Club industry.

CEO and Founder Jim Forte said “Clubs and Subscription based travel service clubs are popping up like crazy. It reminds me of Timeshare when I started in 1983! No competition the prospects come for peanuts and the stories told by sales reps are long and purchasers are having a hard time finding what they “thought” they were promised. Club sales offices that run without an Administrative and Public Releations arm run the risk of being blackballed on the internet. Prospects research the company in the sales presentation and find either NOTHING or REALLY bad complaints. NOTHING is almost as bad as REALLY bad things. Our mini P/R program will take of some of the basics, but everyone should be signing up for the full Internet Reputation and Public Relations Package which costs $15,000.00″

Every package includes a site that is part of the club network. These kinds of bad publicity events that plague vacations clubs and timeshare have resulted in many sites that get you relief from your timeshare burden.

Magna VEGA has helped a number of clubs and they have found that it’s now easy for prospects and purchasers to find out really GOOD information about them. Prospects can find the phone number and driving directions on their phones easily!

Everyone should get a $100 a month subscription and start-up with their very own ClubHosting website. Email Lise Forte NOW!

Not using the best software: Magna Timeshare Software!?

No worries this product works with the following timeshare softwares: