Timeshare on Grand Bahama

I am currently working at Xanadu Vacation Club on Grand Bahama Island. Yes they are alive and well. Their new project director George Provenzano has years of experience at this from Daytona Beach, Aqua Sun days. Thier skilled admin staff are quite a compliment to the resort as well. Of course Magna Timeshare Software has been installed and that is a real boost to the admin staff.

Overall on the Island it is looking pretty slow right now. Island Seas, Tanio Beach and Ocean Reef are in operation and all seem to be looking for more tours.

It is kind of cold here, I packed and have worn my leather jacket. Of course I am from Clearwater Florida so anything under 70 degrees farenheit is ‘kind of cold’.

After work yesterday Lise and I went to see the developers new restraunt out at the cruise ship yard, Pier 1. We were told that sharks come to feed there every day at 6pm and 8pm. But we did not see any.

Lise at Pier one restraunt.
Lise at Pier one restraunt.

Today after getting commissions, OPC payroll and Mortgages trained and running  we headed to West End with the hopes of a quaint caribean town. Well not really. BUT we did have AMAZING lobster and cracked conch at the Coffe on the Water. Wow and there was a pile of conch shells with about thousands of shells discarded as testament to the freshness of the conch.