The Value of Magna Timeshare Software.

The value of MAGNA Timeshare Software

One of the keys to success is to surround your self with the right people. With Magna Timeshare Software your resort will gain from the ability and background of our knowledgeable staff. During any major system change over or implementation it is important to have knowledgeable experienced people guiding your business through the transition; MAGNA knows Timeshare.

When you invest in MAGNA its more like you are hiring a consultant and the software is just a tool they use to create the standard business process.

Spend money to save money……

You are spending money up front, investing in data management software.

The cost of the software pays for it self quickly.

Eliminating the need to hire more staff – automating and consolidating duties requires less man power.

· Many of MAGNA’s ASP clients don’t even have one full-time IT person on staff, because it is not needed. For our clients who manage their own server most only use a one to a few IT staff full-time.

· 700,000 mortgage transactions for one client has recently been reported. MAGNA has saved that client millions of dollars by managing collections in-house.

· Contracts can be quickly generated from MAGNA; some clients claim as fast as 3 min. Your need for many contract persons is greatly minimized when you use MAGNA.

Preventing costly and timely law suites by creating a standard business process and locking your documents from unwanted changes

· One client recently saved more than $8,000 and month by having the MAGNA system auto generate one of their pre-approved legal documents.

· One client saved close to $364,000 in marketing fees compared to earlier years when they did not use MAGNA by identifying guest who were not qualified due to touring within the non-qualified time period.

· MAGNA smart docs will auto-generate the correct document based on variables you enter into the contract data entry screen. The data is then merged on server, into the correct document and printed. Your staff does not have to add or delete words or paragraphs, leaving your lawyer approved documents safe from un-wanted changes.

Why pay someone else to do what you can do with MAGNA?

· Many account receivable tasks can be done within the MAGNA system like generating ACH Drafts -. This allows the resort operator or the servicing department to process monthly mortgage payments drawn directly from the customers’ bank account.

· MAGNA created an outbound email directly from the system for one client to send an email to owners who owed money for their maintenance fee. The email stated the amount due specific to that owner with a list of options for payment including a link directly to their paypal payment option. By the end of the day $48,000 worth of maintenance fees had been collected due to this email.

· You can save an average of $10 or more per account a month if you manage your own collection of mortgage and maintenance fees through MAGNA. MAGNA will manage the accounts and print invoice and 1098 forms as well as generate many reports to show stats on all accounts.

By implementing MAGNA Timeshare Software you are creating a standard business process that creates guidelines for your staff to follow. The automation and consolidation of your data streamlines the information flow resulting in the need for less staff. One person can do the job of many with MAGNA software. Entering data only once cuts down on the chance for mistakes. Accessing your data and viewing reports with real time data is important. MAGNA gives you the freedom to view your statistical real time reports via your own MAGNA website from anywhere you get an internet connection.

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